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Linzy Arnott: Powerful, Textural Emotions in Acrylic Paint

It’s always a pleasure finding an artist so passionate about their work that you feel it just by looking at their art. When you see Linzy Arnott’s acrylic abstract paintings, I think you’ll feel it too.

Linzy is an illustrator, graphic designer and artist from Vancouver, Canada. She graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver while on a full scholarship and also attended the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.

Even at the young age of twenty-three, Linzy is already considered a talented emerging artist, and has sold work to collectors around the world.


Featuring a combination of intense light and raw emotion, Linzy’s art ranges from realism to abstraction. . . and often lands a little bit in-between.

The imagery in her abstract landscapes spans rainy seascapes, forested hills, and rusted metal walls. Linzy uses both natural and man-made textures for her inspiration, adding a sense of emotion and deep feeling to her art.

Linzy also explores the idea of light in a unique way—in the painting above, it becomes a focal point, while in the painting below it glows around objects in the foreground, setting them apart from the rest of the scene.

Never Forgotten

And let’s not ignore the most interesting element of Linzy’s paintings. . . her “rainy day/washed out” technique.

Often Linzy will pair informal vertical lines (running or dripping down the canvas) with crisp images, and then manipulate the contrast to create an incredibly dynamic scene, like in this last painting:

Through the Storm

It almost feels as if this painting was visualized through a car windshield on a stormy, brooding day. The unique texture and intensity that Linzy adds to her paintings is truly one-of-a-kind.

I invite you all to visit Linzy’s website at www.linzyart.ca to experience more of her powerful, emotional acrylic paintings.

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