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Abstract art is a force to be reckoned with, but you either connect with it or you don’t. Habib Ayat’s acrylic and mixed media images made that emotional link to me through their bright colors and strong forms.

Born in Tunisia, Habib has always been inspired by his Mediterranean roots. The bright colors of that region, from blue rooftops to white walls to green olive leaves, have filled his artistic world with vibrancy.

Today he lives in Jersey City, New Jersey, in a hotbed of emerging art activity. Though he grew up in the countryside, he is currently enthralled with urban shapes and colors.

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We all connect to art in different ways, and so of course I wondered why I was so intrigued with Habib’s images. Eventually I realized that my landscape design background matched up perfectly with his outdoor spatial perspectives, as well as his strong colors and forms.

The image above, for example, gives the impression of a bird’s eye view of a city, with roads leading into a mecca of activity at the core. It is both beautiful and dynamic.


Habib’s purely abstract paintings drew me in, yet I was pleasantly surprised with his architectural images like the one above and below.

Both are a nice combination of representation and abstraction, and I love how Habib managed to simplify a complex urban skyline down to its purest form. The bright colors here help to distinguish the architecture from the patterned background.


It’s easy to see that Habib is energized by New York City and looks at New York’s buildings, in particular, as art. Using colors as a universal language, he is also able to evoke those unique emotions in us.

I highly encourage you to visit Habib’s website at www.habibart.com to explore more of his fascinating paintings and make your own personal connection to his work.

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