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Monday in Motivation – Tomorrow I’ll be wrapping up my series on fear by posting my fourth and final article: Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown. It’s another good one for any amateur or hobby artists thinking about making the jump to professional.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – Dianne Mize takes us on a multi-lingual painting journey with a fascinating tutorial on repoussoir, an art technique derived from the French word répousser which means “to push back.”

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Whatever you’re doing this week, don’t miss Wednesday’s featured artist. Paul Ruiz is a painter who creates amazingly textural portraits that often appear to be emerging from a physical maelstrom of paint.

Thursday and Friday in Art Marketing Tips – Finally, at the end of the week I’ll be posting two articles, one from Tim Nyberg and the other from Kim Cady.

Although I’m sure they didn’t plan it, both of these artists happened to send in the same type of article at the same time—they each shared an effective art marketing strategy that has worked for them.

So that sparked an idea in my own head. (You see where I’m going with this, right?)

If you’ve got a great marketing tip or strategy that you’d be willing to share with your fellow artists, please email it to me. Over the next few weeks I’ll combine all the tips I get into a single article and post any standalone, longer articles by themselves.

As always, I’ll link out to the authors of each tip, so in addition to everyone’s unspoken gratitude you’ll also get something back for your effort. :)

There’s no real rush, but do start thinking about it now. The deadline for sending in your tip is two weeks from today, February 22nd.

Last week’s articles on EmptyEasel:

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City Mouse vs Country Mouse: 4 Advantages to Being a Rural Artist

And in addition to the marketing tip project. . .

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Monday in Art Marketing Tips - One of the best ways to attract visitors to your new art blog or portfolio website is to write "guest posts" for established blogs. Tomorrow I'll take you through a step-by-step guide to guest-writing—as you might expect, there's more to it than just submitting. . . read more

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