How to Choose the Perfect Art to Decorate Your Home

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Maybe you’re moving into a new house. . . perhaps you’re remodeling and upgrading your current home. Or, maybe your style has changed, and you’re looking to decorate your walls with art that matches the “new you!”

Whatever the case, I belive buying art for your home should be easy—and fun! :)

Here are 10 tips that anyone (from art novice to art collector extraordinaire) can use to find the perfect artwork for their style and budget:

1. Buy art that you love; pick from the heart

Art is something you’ll be investing in and looking at for a long time. It should never be a piece that you like. It should be a piece that you love.

2. Art CAN simply be about expressing you

The art you buy doesn’t have to follow a particular color palette, or be similar in style to your other pieces. Let it be something you connect with and love, instead—something that captures a bit of your spirit.

3. If possible, get to know the artist

Go to art openings, or just read up about them on their website. You can also follow their Instagram to see their latest works (here’s mine) and peek into their lives. Best of all, join their email list for a more intimate view.

4. Don’t worry about matching the room

In fact, it’s MUCH more fun to build the room around the art! However, when this isn’t possible, consider comparing and contrasting elements of the art with the room, so it makes a statement.

If your room is clean and modern, consider how a traditional landscape with bright, bold colors might POP off the walls. If you have a vaulted ceiling with rustic beams, consider a painting on copper, or other contrasting surfaces.

Or highlight the architecture of your long hallways with a long, horizontal painting. Or 20 tiny paintings in a row. Don’t be afraid to play!

5. Use artwork to tell a story throughout your home

What you buy should feel true to you, so have fun with it. Match fine art, high-end pieces with edgier art from the street. Tell the story of YOU, what you love, and where you’ve been.

“When you place art in your home there is only one opinion that matters: yours. If it’s a shocking or edgy image, it will be remembered.” -Daniel Kinkade

6. Consider a custom-made artwork

If you love the work or style of a particular artist, but can’t find the right piece, always ask them to make a custom piece for you. You are supporting the arts, AND getting art that you LOVE.

Trust me on this—it’s the perfect way to get what you want, and collect art from your favorite artist at the same time.

7. Try getting out of your comfort zone

Get excited about new materials, learning about a process you are not familiar with, or a new artist. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, artists love to talk about their work. There’s so much art out there that’s just begging to be discovered—find it!

8. How do you want the room to feel?

Relaxing, clean, cultural? If you want a fun, energetic party room, pick out colorful works that are bold. If you want it to be uplifting, choose works that inspire you. Or for a more soothing feeling, choose softer subjects and color palettes.

Art is what pulls the room together and creates an ambience that people will feel.

9. Highlight your favorite pieces

Pick the piece (or pieces) you love the most, and make them the anchor point for the room. Wrap your treasured pieces around this. Align your furniture to face them. Show off your art; don’t hide it away!

10. Choose art that brings you joy

In the end, it’s your happiness that matters most when you enter your room. Choose art that brings a smile to your face and joy in your heart.

Bonus tips for a smaller art-buying budget!

• If you want to purchase a great piece of art, but can’t spend too much money, consider a stretched canvas print. Check if an artist you love makes these from their originals. In many cases, the quality can be fabulous, and the price is much, much lower than an original, especially for larger pieces.

• Don’t be afraid to ask an artist for a discount. Often artists will give 10% off if it’s a direct sale to you, and there’s no gallery involved collecting a commission. If you’re lucky, you can sometimes get older pieces for an even more deeply discounted price. Artists work hard to make a living, and if you catch them at the right time, it can be a good deal for everyone.

• If you really love a work of art, it can be worth it to pay full price on the original piece. Watch the artist and see if they continue their career and are committed. If they are, keep an eye out for more pieces that you might want. Buying art from a successful artist can eventually turn out to be a good investment.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these art-buying tips! Contact me anytime if you are interested in purchasing one of my own paintings for your home!

Kellie Day has created stunning mixed-media artwork for Trader Joe’s, The North Face, Alpinist Magazine and more. To learn more about her or her artwork, please visit


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