A Simple Guide to Finding the Perfect Audience for Your Artwork

By Nicole Wensel in Art Business Advice > Art Marketing Tips

You have your website up (finally) and it looks great! You’ve uploaded your artwork and you’re starting to realize that what you have to offer isn’t so shabby after all.

There’s just one problem: all you hear is crickets.

Why is no one checking out your awesome work? Don’t they realize how many hours you spent perfecting the nose on “Untitled Figure?” How can no one acknowledge the perfect lighting you landed for “Golden Gate Bridge No. 9?”

The trouble is many artists think that “if you build it, they will come” instead of thinking of the person they want to sell their art to.


Yes, creating a website is a big step forward as you start the process of selling your art, but this is by no means enough if you want to actually make significant sales.

So, where are your people hiding and how can you find them? Here’s what I recommend:

1. Create an “Ideal Audience Member Avatar”

Start to nail down common characteristics of your ideal audience member.

Let’s imagine for a moment that most of your art consists of gorgeous, rare photos of endangered species. So, start brainstorming traits of your ideal audience member, like “animal-lover,” “activist,” and “adventurer” (to name a few).

See if you can take it a step further and describe in as much detail as possible an imaginary person with these traits. Maybe your perfect audience member is Sandra, a single mom who crusades for animal rights by attending global speaking engagements. She enjoys travel, rescuing animals and nurturing those she loves.

2. Learn where your “Ideal Audience” is hiding

Once you have an idea of the type of person who would be interested in your art, start to think of where this person hangs out.

Maybe Sandra loves posting animal rescue stories on a particular blog or Facebook group. Perhaps she frequents an online travel magazine or safari website. This step involves creative thinking, research and ultimately trial and error.

3. Introduce yourself!

After you’ve identified 5-10 places where your ideal audience member can be found, take the simple action of introducing yourself. Start to authentically connect with members of these communities and eventually share your work with them.

This is a great, organic way to build real relationships, no matter where you are in your artistic career.

For more guidance on marketing and selling your artwork, visit Nicole Wensel’s website at www.limitlessartists.com!


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