How to Create a Facebook Posting Schedule that will Engage your Art Fans

By Alyice Edrich in Art Business Advice > Art Marketing Tips

Between writing a weekly blog post, a monthly newsletter, and various marketing materials, the idea of keeping your Facebook fan page up-to-date can be daunting, to say the least. But if you follow these 4 tips, you can create a daily/weekly/monthly posting schedule that’s effortless and loads of fun!

1. Automate your blog posts to show up on Facebook

Instead of manually posting information about your latest blog post, allow one of the many free apps to do the work for you. Networked blogs, for instance, will automatically announce your new blog post on your Facebook fan page using your blog post’s title and description.

2. Schedule morning welcome posts

Now that Facebook allows you to schedule your posts, take full advantage of their system. Spend an hour or more, at the end of every month, creating morning welcome posts for the next 30 days. (If that feels like too much, try every other day, or just a few days each week.)

Always keep your morning welcome posts simple and quick since most people only have a few minutes to check their favorite sites before dashing off to work, or caring for their little ones.

You could use any (or all) of the following ideas:

• Welcome in the new day with a quick sketch
• Tell something you’re grateful for in life or business,
• Post an inspirational quote that gets you motivated and ready to create art,
• Share a link to one of your favorite places on the web, or
• Give your fans a blast from the past by showing off some of your older works.

3. Schedule afternoon teasers every weekday

Fans love to take a sneak peek at their favorite sites during their lunch break, so use this time to offer your fans a teaser.

If you will be teaching or exhibiting somewhere in the coming weeks, schedule a weekly post around lunchtime that gets your fans excited about your event. Tell them what they can expect at the event, show them a snapshot of the art supplies you’ll be bringing to the workshop, give them a glimpse at some of the art you’ll be exhibiting or the outfit you’ll be wearing, and if you have the option of providing a discount to your fans, tell them how to get that discount.

If you don’t have any upcoming events, you could share photos of works in progress and even share a few photos of your studio itself, then talk about your favorite art supplies.

4. Drop by in the evenings to interact

Since Facebook tends to be more active in the evenings, use this time to drop by your fan page to create posts with “calls to action,” then stick around and chat with your fans.

Calls to action posts are written with the intent to engage your fans. You could ask your fans a question or ask them to take a short survey or poll. The key, however, is making sure that the questions you ask benefit your fans in some way.

Getting your fans to start engaging in conversation isn’t always easy. . . but if you stick to a regular posting schedule, and actively visit with your fans by liking and/or responding to their comments, you should start to see an increase in engagement soon—most likely within a couple of months.

So go on—give it a try and see what happens! The sooner you start, the better!


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