A Helpful Guest Blogging Strategy for Artists

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If you’ve read anything about how to build a successful blog for your art business, you’ll understand the benefits of guest posting for other blogs.

Guest posts (which are simply posts that you write for other blogs) generate interest for your own blog. They help to introduce your blog—and your art—to new audiences, and they help readers to see you as an expert in whatever field of art you’re in.

Guest posting can also be a great way of building a network of blogging and art contacts, which can come in handy as your career progresses.

Here are a few tips for posting on other blog:

Start with a strategy

Because guest posts are part of your promotional toolkit, and they take time to write and edit—which is time you could be spending create art to sell—it’s best to approach guest posting with a strategy in mind.

By thinking about your goals with guest posting and targeting the right blogs, you’ll ensure your pulling in the right audience. . . like people who will actually become paying collectors of your work.

Target potential buyers, not other artists

Many artists make the mistake of focusing their guest posting efforts on the blogs of other artists. And why not? You probably read these blogs every day, and you already have plenty in common with the authors. Artists are easier to approach because you share common ground.

But ask yourself. Does guest posting on the blogs of other artists meet your goals?

In some instances, yes. If the artist has a huge following of people interested in buying their work, and your work both complements their style and is in a similar price range, then guest posting on their blog may result in new sales and followers.

But many artists’ blogs are only followed by other artists—because they post tutorials about their medium or advice for making a living as an artist. These topics are of great interest to artists, but not necessarily to potential buyers. So think about the type of person who usually buys your artwork, and where they might hang out online.

Here are a few types of blogs you might try

Home décor blogs – these are the most important blogs that are often under-utilized by artists. People reading home décor and interior design blogs have money to spare and are looking for decorating ideas.

Fashion blogs – The audience for fashion blogs is predominantly women with moderate to high levels of disposable income and a desire to surround themselves with beautiful things. If you sell any kind of apparel or accessories, or your artwork would appeal to a fashionable audience, you should be approaching fashion bloggers with guest post submissions.

Animal blogs – many artists paint or sculpt or photograph animals. There are hundreds of pet blogs, animal blogs and wildlife blogs for every species imaginable. Guest posting on these blogs means you’re reaching a whole community of animal lovers. You could even approach a blog to run a charity art sale with some of the proceeds going to help animals.

Eco blogs – Do you work with recycled materials or focus on subjects like environmentalism, urban decay or conservation? Eco-blogging is a booming niche, and many artists are taking advantage of this waste-conscious audience to generate income. Eco-blog readers are happy to support artists and craftspeople and will spend more money on items that are handcrafted. Artisans and artists working with traditional techniques will have the most success here.

Niche blogs – Whatever your niche or subject matter, you’ll always be able to find a community of people who share your interests. For example, I recently saw a traditional tapestry artist guest posting on a blog about historical romance novels. . . and on a travel blog, I found a guest post by a painter who had created a series inspired by Greece.

By expanding the scope of the blogs you target (and approaching guest posting with a system) you’ll have the best possible chance to dramatically improve your number of visitors, your rankings in search engines and, of course, your sales!


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