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Even though artists tend to be, by nature, a rather romantic bunch, we often overlook one potentially lucrative market for our work—weddings.

A wedding is a time of celebration and joy, but it’s also a time when a couple likes to express themselves and their unique personalities—both through the production of the wedding itself, and through the new home they create together. Weddings are also gift-giving occasions, and what more unique and personal gift is there then a commissioned work of art?

Not all artwork will be suitable for the wedding market, of course, so it’s vital that you do the research to find out what’s selling in your particular niche, and how you can best position your artwork for success in the wedding market.

You might even need to develop special wedding packages or products. Here are some ideas:

Wedding invitations – Create RSVP cards and other stationery

Ketubeh – Design a couple’s wedding prayers

Calligraphy services – Write invitations and address envelopes

Bridal portraits – Paint a portrait of the happy couple from their favorite photograph

Bridal cartoons – Draw a custom cartoon of a couple for them to use on their wedding stationary

Wedding photography – Capture the special day in photos

Floral design – Arrange centerpieces, bouquets and other decorations

Cake decorations – Create stunning wedding cakes and cupcakes

And I’m sure you’ll think of many more.

Where to market your wedding art services

First of all, you’ll need a website that explains your services, techniques and prices. Many brides prefer wedding services bundled in packages, so if you can offer a fixed price—eg. Portraits 10 inch x 10 inch for $399, or photography plus editing for $1300—you’ll be more likely to win over wedding clients. Make sure you have a few samples to view and high-quality pictures of your artwork online.

Next, consider investing in some advertising in bridal magazines, wedding blogs or purchasing a booth at a bridal show. These are the primary places brides look for wedding inspiration. It’s important to choose a publication or show whose clientele fit with your style and niche. For example, retro-rockabilly bridal portraits won’t do well at a bridal show for high-end traditional weddings, nor will your Ketubeh design services be a fit for a non-religious community.

Finally, you could set up a blog on your website where you write articles giving free wedding advice to brides and grooms. You could even write a short wedding planning ebook and give this away as a free download when brides sign up to your mailing list. This way you can keep readers on your website so you can notify them about discounts, sales and news.

Weddings are truly a great market for artists, since many couples (and their friends and families) are looking for artwork. . . either as part of the wedding itself, or as gifts for the couple.

If you’ve got a product that could be a good fit for the wedding market, get out there and make yourself known!

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