Why You Should Use Bullet Points and Headers on your Art Blog

By Alyice Edrich in Art Business Advice > Art Marketing Tips

This year I am in the middle of updating some articles I wrote eight or so years ago, and you know what I discovered? Reading paragraph, upon paragraph, upon paragraph on the web can be cumbersome.

No wonder the experts suggested using headers, sub-headers, and bullet points when writing for the web!

So just in case you’re still writing long essays for your blog, let me share with you 4 benefits to using bullet points, headers, and sub-headers:

1. They make it simple to read what you’ve written.

Reading long paragraphs of text on a bright computer monitor is difficult. If you post too many words without anything to break up the content, your reader’s eyes will not be able to focus. . . which means they’ll either hit the back button and find something easier to read, or they’ll miss important information, like where to buy your art.

2. They make finding important information a breeze.

Most people scan the Internet for specific information. When you break your content up into smaller, more digestible sections, you allow readers to scan your article quickly to find the exact information they want to know about.

Sure, people might skip over your intro, or your summary at the end, but they’ve still found exactly what they were looking for because you labeled each section of your blog post with a header or bullet point.

3. They help you rank higher in the search results.

Search engines use algorithms to figure out what posts are about. By using keywords and key phrases in your bullet points and headers, you tell the search engines—under no uncertain terms—what topic you’re writing about. This gives you an advantage over your competitors, and makes it more likely for your blog post to be displayed sooner in the search results.

(Incidentally, this is just one element of Search Engine Optimization, which is commonly known as SEO. You can learn more about SEO here, or read the articles I’ve written about it.)

4. They make writing easier. . . not harder!

Aside from the first three advantages, there’s another reason you may want to use bullet points, headers, and sub-headers—they make your job easier!

When using headers and sub-headers, you don’t have to spend hours trying to write the perfect transition sentence (or paragraph) to move your train of thought along. Just use sub-headers as titles that introduce the next paragraph, and you’re set to go.

When using bullet points, on the other hand, you cut down on the need to add more words. Whether you’re sharing your top ten favorite art supplies, or five reasons why creating art is healthy, bullet points always save time.

So go ahead, start breaking up your blog posts with bullets, headers, and sub-headers. I promise your readers will thank you for it!


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