How to Add a Favicon to Your Art Blog

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Have you ever noticed that cute little “e” icon in the address bar, up by EmptyEasel’s name or web address?


That little icon is just one example of a favicon. Favicons are used by blogs around the world as a way of branding themselves. Basically they help blogs “stand out” as people are browsing the Internet, scouring RSS feeds, or scanning their favorites or bookmarks.

In the past it was a little tricky, and difficult, to add a favicon to your Blogger blog, but now (thanks to Blogger’s latest feature) adding a favicon to your art blog is just a point, click, and save away.

Seriously, it’s so easy you can have one up within ten minutes!

Step 1. Create a favicon

Create a square image in your photo editing software, and save it as a jpg or gif. The image can be 16 pixels × 16 pixels, 32 pixels × 32 pixels, or 64 pixels × 64 pixels.

Step 2. Go to the Designer page

Once your image is saved, go to and sign in, then click on the “Designer” tab.


Step 3. Insert your favicon

After clicking the “Designer” tab, you should be taken directly to the “add and arrange page elements” page.

Click on the “Edit” link in the upper left corner, next to the Blogger favicon.


Once you click on the “Edit” link, a new screen will pop up asking you to configure your favicon.


All you have to do is upload the square favicon you created just a few minutes ago, and then click the “Save” button.


Step 4. View your changes

The change to your favicon should appear instantly on your “Add and Arrange Page Elements” screen. If it doesn’t, re-upload the favicon.


Step 5. Verify your changes

To make sure that the changes take effect across your entire blog, you will need to wait 24 hours.

On day two, type your blog’s web address into the search engines. If your favicon is working correctly, it will appear next to the name of your blog.


And that’s all it takes to add a favicon to your art blog. Enjoy!


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