How To Write A Quick, Effective Call To Action For Your Art Posts

By Alyice Edrich in Art Business Advice > Art Marketing Tips

Just because you use your art blog as an online art journal doesn’t mean you should skimp on the “call to action” part of it.

Your art blog readers can be just as vital to the success of your art business as your email or mailing list. . . so my suggestion is to take full advantage of your blog by creating a clear and direct “call to action” at the bottom of every post.

It doesn’t take much, either. A single call to action could shift your readership from passive readers to active buyers. And that’s a good thing, right?!

So take the guesswork out of what you want your readers to do once they’ve viewed your art, or read your post, by telling them what to do next.

For example:

Do you share art tips or sell an e-book?

If you’ve written an e-book about your art process and want your readers to buy it, then don’t just tell them that you’ve completed the e-book and what it’s about. . . tell them where to buy it, then give them a clickable link to do so.

The easiest way to let them know it’s available for purchase would be a “buy now” button or link.

A more search engine friendly version, however, would be to link the sales page by using the full title of the e-book, like this:

Download 10 Steps To Creating The Perfect Clay Sculpture at

Are you showing your art as you complete it?

If you like to share your artistic progress, don’t just show your readers what you’re up to. . . educate them on where to buy your finished pieces, like this:

“While this piece isn’t quite ready to be listed in my shop, I do have several pieces of art that are available. Click to view more than 50 pieces of mosaic tiles for sale.

Or you can write a more direct, clear, and search engine friendly call to action, by simply linking to the sales page with a descriptive phrase, like this:

Click to order one of my finished fabric art dolls.

Do you offer custom artwork?

Maybe you’ve just finished writing about a completed custom order on your blog. If so, don’t just tell your readers about the piece, remind them that they, too, can own a custom piece for their home or office.

Tell your readers you’re available for custom orders with something like this:

“Ready to order your own custom piece? Click here for more information.

No matter HOW you choose to write your call to action, make sure it tells your readers what you want them to do, how you want them to do it, and if there’s a deadline, why it needs to be done, right now.

Good luck!


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