2 Easy Ways to Make Your Art Blog More Interesting and Entertaining

By Alyice Edrich in Art Business Advice > Art Marketing Tips

As I thought about all the reasons I read art blogs, I realized that I go to them mainly to be entertained and educated.

But there are two key factors that make me want to return time and time again—the blog owner’s personality, and the variety in their blog posts.

So that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

First, never be afraid to show your personality.

In an attempt to sound professional, you can actually lose your artistic voice and that’s a big turn off for art buyers. Art buyers don’t buy art simply for the monetary value, or because the piece will look good in their home, they buy art because of the connection they feel with the artist or the art piece—plain and simple.

So stop worrying about being perfect or portraying a certain image and start thinking in terms of “being real.”

By being true to who you are, you engage your audience and build honest relationships. It’s those relationships that increase sales and word-of-mouth publicity, which as you know is a priceless commodity.

Here are a few ways to show your personality:

1. Write in your own voice.

Instead of trying to emulate the artist you admire most, write your posts as though you were talking to your best friend. Sure, use proper grammar and punctuation, but write like you speak. Throw in those phrases that make you, you. . . no matter how quirky or eccentric they may be.

2. Share video of your life.

Take your audience on a video tour of your town. Show them some of your favorite eating spots, what inspires you to create your art, and what your dog does to make you laugh.

3. Step outside your comfort zone.

Share audio stories about your first art show, talk about how it felt to raise X amount of dollars through the sale of your art for XYZ charity, and offer interviews with returning customers about why they buy your art, why they collect your art, or why they insist on giving your art as gifts.

4. Give your unbiased opinion.

Whether something excites you or annoys you, take a stand and share your thoughts. Your opinion may not always be in agreement with 100% of your readers but that’s okay. . . because opinions are like art, and both are subjective.

5. Be more human.

Go ahead and tell them about a mistake you made, then follow it up with a lesson learned or tip that helped you overcome a problem area in creating your art.

Second, always look for ways to add variety.

Yes, it’s important that your blog has a cohesive look and feel, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to the same old formula every time you create a post. Break up the monotony by varying your posts.

To break up the monotony, use text and an image one day, an embedded video another day, a few photographs of works in progress the next, and so on.

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In the end, creating entertaining posts is all about giving your audience someone to relate to. . . someone they can connect with on a personal level. If you can do that, your readers will always come back for more.


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