Truly Free – Artist Websites From Foliotwist Now Require NO Credit Card to Try Out!

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As many of you know, in April of 2009 I launched my artist websites service over at My goal was to create a system where artists could manage their own websites, free of hassle, with no hidden fees or artwork upload limits.

Since then we’ve been slowly improving our core service while adding some entirely new features as well.

For instance, earlier this year I created a year-long, personalized training course, specifically designed to help Foliotwist artists get more visitors to their websites. It’s called Traffic Booster, and it comes free with your artist website. (Cool, right?)

Honestly, if you’re an artist trying to sell art online, I think you’ll love Foliotwist just for Traffic Booster alone. Where else will you get one-on-one help figuring out which keywords will bring you the most traffic?

Nowhere. At least not for that price.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are currently in the middle of revamping our Traffic Booster course. Stay tuned for more details on that before the end of 2015!

So for the past month I’ve been working on removing any last barriers that might keep you from taking a closer look at Foliotwist. We’ve always offered a free 10-day trial and a free domain, but now we’ve gone a few steps further:

1. No credit card required

None. Zip. Zilch. Originally we required proof of a credit card for the free website trial, but not anymore. Your credit card stays in your pocket until you decide to pay.

2. Instantaneous setup

It used to take us a few hours to get your free website online. I also don’t work while I’m asleep (and my business partner Zac is the same way) so any artists who joined in the middle of the night were out of luck until the next morning.

Obviously that was a problem. . . but then we came up with a way to get your free trial website online immediately. Now when you sign up, you can start uploading artwork to the web right away—no delays whatsoever.

3. An extended 30-day free trial

Ten days just isn’t long enough try out all of Foliotwist’s features, so we’ve extended the free trial to last an entire month. Feel free to take your time, upload your art on your own schedule, and experiment with ALL of Foliotwist’s art marketing tools.

With all that, why wait?

I could keep talking about Foliotwist all day, but until you experience it for yourself, it won’t really mean a thing. :)

Here’s the link to sign up for our free 30-day trial. Do yourself a favor and sign up, even if you already have a website for your art. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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