How To Schedule Blog Posts to be Published at a Later Date

By Alyice Edrich in Art Business Advice > Art Marketing Tips

As I stated last week, it takes a lot of work to attract readers to your art blog, but only a few weeks of non-posting to lose them forever. That’s why it’s important to write blog posts ahead of time and schedule them for future posting; especially when you know your schedule won’t permit you to post on a regular basis.

Below are the three steps necessary for automating your blog posts.

Step 1: Start at

Go to and click sign in.


Click on the blue “new post” button.


Step 2: Select post options

Once you are on the “new post” page, click on the “post options” link on the lower, left corner of the page.


After clicking on the “post options” link, a new box will appear on the screen just below the new post box.


It’s here that you will schedule when your posts will go live on your blog.

Personally, I like to change the post date and time before I begin writing my post, that way I don’t forget later and accidentally publish a post that was meant to be published at a later date and/or time.


Step 3: Schedule your post

Once your post date and time have been changed and your post has been written, click the orange “publish post” button.


After clicking on the “publish post” button, you’ll be taken to a new screen which will show you what day your post is scheduled to go live.


You’ll see a yellow box at the top, center, telling you that your post will automatically be posted on the date and time you chose.


Then on the actual post line, you’ll see an orange word that reads “scheduled” next to the date your post is scheduled to go live.


And that’s it!

As you can see, it’s actually very simple to schedule your posts to be published on certain days and at certain times. Next time you realize that you’re getting too busy to blog regularly, give it a try!


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