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Introducing “Artists Helping Artists” A New Internet Radio Show for Aspiring Artists

Normally I don’t publish press releases on EmptyEasel, but when I heard about Artists Helping Artists, I felt like it was the right thing to do to pass this information along. Here it is:

Leslie Saeta and Dreama Tolle Perry (both artists) met online in June of 2009 via their art blogs. . . so it’s only fitting that the internet radio show they now co-host airs through BlogTalkRadio.

Their radio show, Artists Helping Artists, just launched just a few short months ago, but is already attracting over a thousand artists to the live weekly show due in large part to its “in the trenches” shop talk for artists.

With a background in marketing and an active career as a painter, Leslie does her homework on what artists need to know about how to sell their work, and plans each of the shows accordingly. Dreama, an artist for over 20 years, brings to the show her years of experience–knowing all the things that artists face, and the questions they have, she skillfully draws out the information that artists are dying to know from the guests that come on the show.

The show concept (a brainchild of Leslie) was born out of both artists’ desire to share the information they had worked so hard to find out for themselves.

“It just seemed logical to me to help other artists with the things I had figured out that were working!” Leslie Saeta explained. Dreama agreed that she was quickly drawn to the idea as well.

“Having been teaching workshops and selling my work in galleries and online, I was privy to lots of conversations about the struggles working artists were facing and realized this was the perfect vehicle to do something about that—from a national, international level.”

Artists Helping Artists is a live show airing each Thursday. Topics covered range from “How to Make Money While You’re Sleeping” to “Daily Painting: Is It For You?” (this last topic even had a special guest, the famed daily painter, Carol Marine.)

Leslie spoke up again, laughingly, “We’ll pursue anyone to be a guest on our show if we think they have inside information that will help our fellow artists!”

The beauty of the show is that it is both live and recorded. If you’re one of the lucky callers to get online when it airs, you can ask a burning question of your own. If you’re a latecomer to the show, all shows are recorded and archived at the Artists Helping Artists Blog, which means they are available to listen to, anytime, anywhere!

Both Leslie and Dreama expressed amazement at how quickly the show had grown. What started out as a conference call amongst a few artists soon blossomed into a blog radio show with (at last count) over 1,100 artists listening in.

“We are excited, as you might imagine, because we are starting to hear from so many artists via email and comments on the blog about the difference this show is making in their artistic lives and careers. It makes all the hard work, long emails, and chasing down guests worth it!”

The two also feel the success of the show is based in the fact that both of them are actively pursuing art careers themselves, although they made it clear that they don’t have everything figured out just yet.

“We’re not in that top .1% of artists selling their work for $50,000 a painting or more. . . [instead] we are representative of the ‘working class’ of artists, who are selling their work from anywhere from $100 to $20,000 and want to figure out how to have more control over their art career to achieve their vision of success.”

Leslie and Dreama also have a workshop planned for the fall of 2010, and are gathering information from each radio show for a joint book effort.

To learn more, please visit ArtistsHelpingArtistsBlog.blogspot.com.

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