BoundlessGallery Artists Get A Free Ride to ArtSpan – If They Want It

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There may finally be some light on the horizon for BoundlessGallery artists. . . in an email that went out from BoundlessGallery HQ last week, the company offered the following olive branch to its (former) members:

“We are very happy to announce that has agreed to take on any artist and honor the value of the time remaining on your Boundless Gallery membership plan plus an additional month for free.”

The email went on to explain that they’re working on developing a “transfer tool” which will automatically move their members’ artwork and details over to ArtSpan.

If that sounds a bit presumptious on their part, it’s actually not that bad—they guarantee that they won’t transfer any artwork or information without the artist’s express permission.

Now, if you DO choose to initiate this transfer, here’s how ArtSpan is going to be honoring the value of your Boundless membership:

“If you have six months remaining on your Boundless Gallery “da Vinci” plan ($288 annually), you would have a credit towards your Artspan website of $144 (the unused portion of your Boundless Gallery membership).

… by default, you will get [ArtSpan’s] Professional Plus package which is $19.95 per month and you will receive this package for seven months ($144/19.95 = 7.22 months). Added to this will be an additional free month from Artspan.

You will be able to change your website package from Professional Plus to the Professional or Basic package at any time. If you choose a Professional membership in the next four weeks, you would get 8 months free ($144/17.95 = 8.022 months) plus one month. If you choose a Basic membership package, then you get the next 10 months free ($144/14.94 = 9.632 months) plus one month.”

The exchange rate seems pretty good, since ArtSpan is cheaper than Boundless. To clarify the language in the email a bit more, 12 months at Boundless would equal 14 months at ArtSpan—with an extra month added to it for good measure.

Unfortunately for those of you who would rather NOT go with ArtSpan, my sources tell me that there’s absolutely no money left at BG for refunds. (I suppose there’s always the option of going to court for it, but that’s too far beyond the scope of my expertise to comment on further.)

If you’re a BoundlessGallery artist, I’d suggest dropping by ArtSpan before making your final decision. And of course, if you’re taking this as an opportunity to shop around, FineArtStudioOnline and Foliotwist have created similar offers.

Foliotwist is offering 3 months absolutely free through this link only (it comes with a free domain, too) and FASO has followed suit with their own offer here.

Whatever you choose, it’s a buyers market for Boundless artists at this point—if you’re considering one service over the other, feel free to send me an email to talk, or just let me know which one you end up with. I’d love to hear how you chose!


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