Combining Art and Music: An Art Marketing Tip from Tim Nyberg

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For a while now I’ve been hosting special art and music events to incorporate my love of painting with my love of jazz.

It’s worked out quite well as a marketing tool for my work (I get free press, lots of word-of-mouth, etc) and I usually end up selling a few paintings each time—especially when I ask the onlookers for subject/color suggestions during the event.

Figaro by Tim Nyberg

I call my event the “Art & Music Jam” and it simply involves me painting to live jazz music. I start with an blank canvas in front of me, then use the music, or suggestions from the crowd to begin my painting.

Whatever thoughts, shapes, colors, or textures come to mind, I try to put down on canvas as quickly as possible. With music, you never know where it’s going to lead next, so you really have to be free with it.

Most Popular to Succeed by Tim Nyberg

I chose jazz music because I like it and because it works well for my abstract painting style. If you try something like this yourself, experiment a little bit while you plan your event. Different styles of painting might suit other types of music.

It’s always interesting to see how the final painting turns out. Sometimes it looks better in a different format—upside down, or sideways—than I was originally painting it.

The great thing is, even if you end up with a few paintings that aren’t as successful, people will still enjoy the combined performances. The “unsuccessful paintings” can provide a great, colorful background (underpainting) upon which to create new pieces, and no matter what, it’s sure to be an event that they won’t soon forget.

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