What’s the Best way to Improve at Art? Here’s your Answer.

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Today’s poll is an interesting one for me because I honestly didn’t think about what the results would be like. I just was curious to know what had helped others improve at art the most, and then I listed several things that I knew had helped me.

But looking at the answers so far it’s almost like a “duh” moment—what’s the best way to improve at art? Practice! Whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.

Of course, I understand why there are some votes for the other options as well. For instance, I’m extremely grateful I got the chance to study art in college, and even more grateful for several art mentors throughout my life who helped me grow as an artist.

With these poll results, however, it’s pretty obvious that there’s one thing which will work for almost anyone, and that’s just spending time making art.

For those of you who haven’t voted yet, please do! You’ll be able to see the current results once your vote is cast.

(And if you’re looking for specific ideas or tips on how to improve at art, I’d suggest checking out EmptyEasel’s art and painting tips.)

What do you think has helped you develop the most, artistically?
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