Contemporary Oil Painters

Sussex professional fine artist and art tutor Gill Bustamante isn’t just an amazing painter—she’s also a born comedian! She wryly confesses that unlike many other artists she is not arty, deep, mysterious or even troubled. Instead, she claims she could be inspired by anything. . . even. . . read more
Born in India and currently residing in California, Kajal Zaveri’s eastern and western experiences meld together as one in her warm figurative paintings. Universal themes of belonging, heritage, spirituality and sense of self come alive in her free-flowing, uninhibited artwork. But art. . . read more
Oil painter and pastel artist Tami Hort was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, and was labeled an artist from day one, winning an art award in first grade, which she says secretly secured the artist within her. Tami uses her creative skills to educate home-schooled students of all ages. She also. . . read more
A stunning landscape is sometimes as close as your own backyard, and Antonino Cammarata certainly has an amazing “backyard” to paint from! Born on the gorgeous island of Sicily and surrounded by landscapes to die for, Antonino’s initial love for painting began at the age of. . . read more
Have you ever considered tubing your own paint? It’s a great way to save money if you use large quantities of certain colors like white. Or, maybe you’d like to save the leftovers on your palette and blend them into a nice gray for later use? Either way, the process is simple and. . . read more
Californian artist Ann Marie Campbell has worked for the past 30 years as a fine art muralist painting murals and frescos for hospitals, restaurants, salons and more. She has completed more than 20 major projects across the nation and Canada, and has received national recognition in. . . read more
When oil painter Susan Hale speaks of her career in art (and by the way, she’s been an exhibiting artist for more than 30 years!) she exudes a playful, exaggeratory attitude. So, it’s not unusual her paintings mimic her charismatic, fun-filled take on life. “From dancing corn stalks to. . . read more
Art in itself is always beautiful, but when you add a sense of purpose and an informative aspect to it, it takes on a whole new life. Case in point, for more than 30 years acrylic and oil painter Kathryn Weisberg has been the heart and soul behind a creative endeavor to enlighten viewers on. . . read more
Levent de Paris is a gifted artist from the Golden State—California! He enjoys spending time in museums and galleries, as well as studying new and old painting techniques. His art reflects the timelessness of great impressionistic painters of the past, while his bold style keeps his. . . read more
Right at first glance, Sara Paxton’s artwork fascinates. A full-time artist for more than 10 years, Sara works both in oils on a large scale, and with printed inks and watercolors. Because her range of tools is so diverse, she is able to produce striking paintings starting with soft,. . . read more
When you look at Paul Baldassini’s work, you see the beautiful portrayal of an artist who simply tells it how it is. He paints exactly what he sees, and from that perspective comes a refreshing glimpse of truth and authenticity that is a breath of fresh air. With an eye for detail and. . . read more
EmptyEasel’s latest featured artist doesn’t horse around when it comes to oil painting—or using her creativity to advance her career! Tia Harper grew up drawing throughout her travels around the world as a child, and from hobby to profession, she was soon creating advertisements,. . . read more
After obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, Jerry La Point began his artistic career with exuberance, exhibiting commercially in solo and group shows for 14 years. His work has been showcased in galleries from Atlanta, Ga. to Blowing Rock, N.C. His. . . read more
Oil painter John Wentz’s interest in art began at the age of six upon discovering Batman and Spiderman comic books. The artist, who was born and raised in the Bay Area of San Francisco, has carried over his artistic talents as a muralist, billboard creator and freelance illustrator into. . . read more

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