Vibrant Street Paintings of New York by Wayne Pearce

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There’s probably nothing quite like experiencing the raw, lively energy of New York City for yourself. . . but if you ask me, Wayne Pearce’s paintings are about as close as you can get without actually being there!

A graduate of NYC’s School of Visual Arts now living in Ft. Myers, Florida, Wayne’s goal is to capture a few of his memories, experiences, and feelings from the Big Apple before they fade forever.

Take a minute to explore just a few of his paintings below, and enjoy!


Houston St, NYC (shown above) epitomizes Wayne’s style of bold colors, dark shadows and silhouettes, and glossy pavement and sidewalks reflecting golden street lamps overhead.

The New York restaurant Russ & Daughters appears in the lower-right of the composition, with its vibrant neon sign blazing in green and red above its hundred-year-old entrance.


In his next painting, Old Astroland, Coney Island NYC, a few iconic ferris wheels light up the night sky, illuminating the ever-present crowd below. The mob of people shift and move beneath a black sky, surging in and out like the ocean waves just a few short steps away.

And last but not least, Nathan’s, Coney Island depicts in perfect neon colors the bright, meandering, over-the-top signage of this classic New York restaurant, while an NYPD cruiser speeds by (or perhaps stops for a quick bite!)


If you’d like to see more artwork from Wayne Pearce, I encourage you to head on over to his portfolio website today!


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