Stunning Urban Landscape Paintings by Sarah Baptist

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After a long career painting theatrical sets and life-size backdrops for the stage, Sarah Baptist took the plunge into full time oil painting. Her small scale paintings of vibrant street corners, colorful buildings, and other urban scenes are full of energy and tantalizingly familiar—almost as though each one is a half-remembered snapshot from your own life.


Pecos, seen above, is a great example of her work: it features a dynamic zig-zag composition and multiple parallel lines to draw the eye and help to build a sense of space within the painting. Touches of bright orange add intensity to the cooler blues and greens of the scene, and creates visual movement despite the empty streets.

Next, a haphazard jumble of telephone poles, stop signs, fence posts, and distant buildings create a nearly abstract rendering of a long, straight, urban street lined with trash, empty dirt lots, and chain link fences.


I absolutely love that red stop sign in the middle. . . it seems almost carved out of paint, nearly vibrating with importance in this gritty, expressive painting.

And finally, as you’ll see in August Sunday, below, Sarah is equally at home painting lush green foliage and shady sidewalks as she is painting the seedier side of town.


To the right, a line of loose wooden fenceboards terminates at the base of a light post, creating a (mostly ornamental) barrier between public and private property. To the left, a quiet, breezy alleyway stretches back behind green lawns and gardens, dappled by sunlight and shade.

If you’d like to see more of Sarah’s artwork, I highly encourage you to visit her website at and browse the rest of her urban landscape paintings. I promise you’ll be glad you did!


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