Gorgeous Abstracts by California Artist Kenneth Johnson

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Working from his home studio in Claremont, CA, Kenneth Johnson puts the finishing touches on another highly-textured, jewel-like paintings—the latest in his new series entitled Past, Present, and Future Tense.

Using typical artist brushes and palette knives alongside more non-traditional tools taken from the kitchen, garden, and a garage, Kenneth’s art references the slow, indomitable passage of time through an accumulation of texture, layer, and color.

Red and gold textured painting with a strip of cool blue-white in the middle of the composition

Each of his pieces is meant to evoke questions from the viewer, and offer an almost introspective glimpse into the uniquely personal worlds that our thoughts, feelings, and memories create.

Under the Influence (seen above) is a fairly large 3ft by 3ft composition. Textured orange, red, and gold hues are bisected by a bluish-gray section containing dashed lines of yellow paint like those found on a county highway.

Below, Until Never is a cool, blue-white-black abstract that feels like snow-covered landscape viewed from above. A line of warmth cuts through the top half, however, in a single strip of intense red.

Abstract painting with textured sections of blue and white. Lines cross the painting at intervals (including one red line) to break up the space.

What you see and feel may be miles away from my own experience, but one thing is sure—a huge part of Kenneth’s magic is the way he pairs colors: it’s always deliberate, and always for the utmost impact.

A composition of warm colors on the top, and cool colors on the bottom. Brushstrokes and texture break up the blue, cool lower half of this painting.

Reds and blues, oranges and greens, warm and cold. The contrast is stunning, and if you love color like I do, I guarantee it’ll pull you in like nothing else.

For more of Kenneth’s paintings, please take a minute to visit his website today!


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