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Sparkling Still Life Paintings by Kay Ashton

A three-quarters full bottle, fizzing bubbles, ice cubes clinking together in a glass. . . to Kay Ashton, that’s the perfect sort of still life.

Primarily self-taught, Kay loves to paint scenes that contain reflective, highly-detailed surfaces—the more intricate, the better! G and T seen below, is just one of her recent still lifes, and it’s a perfect example of her talent:


Just look at the amount of detail poured into that tumbler. . . each diamond-shaped facet reflects the light a different way, capturing the gold of the lemons, the green of the bottle, or the surrounding gray and black shadows.

You can’t really find any surface in the painting that doesn’t reflect something else. That’s impressive!

Here’s another example of her fine craftsmanship—an elegant clamshell pocket watch, shining from every angle, with a pair of cuff links, and another gorgeous glass to sip from in the background.


The watch is simply stunning, with multiple reflections overlaying its white face, slender hands, and tall roman numerals. Around its circumference, finely-wrought filigree details catch the light, picking up flashes of deep reds and golds from the cuff links in the corner of the composition.

Last but not least, Kay also brilliantly captures the reflective sparkle in these vibrant slices of lemon and lime, stacked up and practically glowing with light:


I absolutely love the format of the painting, the colors, and the punchy, graphic look—it’s clearly a bit different from her other paintings, but just as captivating, and so very well done.

If you’d like to see more of Kay’s work (and I hope you do!) please take a few minutes to visit her website at www.kayashtonfineart.com.

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