Photoshop Tricks: How to Enhance your Portfolio Images using Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop comes with many built-in brushes that mimic natural media. Here are some basic techniques that you can use along with those brushes to create digital art that has the look and feel of traditional artwork. . . read more
Last week I demonstrated several blending modes used in GIMP and Photoshop, such as Multiply, Divide, Overlay, and Screen. Today I'll be exploring four more: Dodge, Burn, Hard Light and Soft Light plus a few bonus modes found only in GIMP.. . . read more
Blending modes are a great way to change the effects of layers in Photoshop or GIMP - as long as you know how they work. This easy-to-understand tutorial explains some of the more common blending modes.. . . read more
Sending a completed project to a commercial printer for printing can be stressful as well as exciting. If you do not prepare the file just right, the printer will have a hard time completing the job. Here are 7 things you need to do to ensure that your Photoshop file is ready to be pr. . . read more
Adobe Photoshop allows artists to alter photos in amazing ways. One of the more subtle (and often very effective) changes that you can make to an image is to add depth of field. Here's how.. . . read more
One of Adobe Photoshop's best features is the ability it gives you to colorize black and white photographs. With Photoshop you can add color to the entire photo, or just "paint" one part of the image to create a focal point. Here are step by step instructions for how to use this awesome. . . read more
To consistently produce quality photos or fine art prints using Adobe Photoshop, you will want to become familiar with bleed and crop marks. The following tutorial will show you how to create crop marks and set up the appropriate bleed for your prints.. . . read more
In this tutorial I'm going to show you the Photoshop tools that I use when fixing problems in my digital images. You may have used some of these tools before (like the Healing Brush) but it's more than likely that a few will be completely new to you.. . . read more
If you don't know how to use the pen tool in Photoshop but you want to learn, just keep reading. In the following paragraphs I'll explain how to use the pen tool to outline any type of object. (And I'm going to use this picture of two delicious looking strawberries as an example.). . . read more
In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to use Adobe Photoshop's curves tool to fix photographs of your art that are all washed out. Obviously the curves tool will work on any type of photo that need more contrast and color, not just photographs of artwork, so feel free to use it whenever. . . read more
It's pretty tricky to photograph paintings or other 2D art without causing some distortions in the final photo. Luckily you can fix most of those problems in Adobe Photoshop with the free transform tool and the liquify filter. Click here to learn how.. . . read more
The following tutorial explains how to scan large artwork multiple times (getting small sections each time) and then use Photoshop to "stitch" the whole thing back together again on your computer. If you need a high-res digital image of your art, this is how to do it.. . . read more
Today I’ll be showing you how to color correct your artwork in Photoshop for a portfolio or uploading to the internet, by using one of my old paintings from college. (OK, so this painting may seem a little strange, but there’s a good lesson to be learned here.). . . read more

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