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Published Nov. 18th 2012

There won’t be any new articles published on EE this week, folks! Thanksgiving is just ahead, so I’ll be taking some time off to focus on friends and family, turkey, and pumpkin pie instead. :)

To all of you celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US, or abroad, have a wonderful and safe holiday week, and I’ll see you back here next Sunday!

Last week’s articles on EmptyEasel:

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Plus, here’s an update on our “NO WORK” websites for artists:

After getting a flood of new artists over at Hands Free Artist Websites, we’ve had to scale back to just ONE free image edit (plus a free website design) for all trial members.

My apologies for that. . . I know I said we could give you 3 free image edits last Sunday, but we just couldn’t keep up with the demand from all our new free trial artists last week, and we decided that was the best solution for everyone.

Nothing else has changed, however.

At Hands Free, you’ll still get a professionally-designed, always up-to-date website for your art. . . AND you’ll never have to do any artwork uploading, image editing, description writing, image tagging, software downloading, or logging in, EVER AGAIN.

Basically, it’s an art website that updates itself. Perfect for any busy artist. :)

If you’ve been reading up on this and seriously thinking of going Hands Free, don’t wait any longer—click here to get started right now.

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