George Budai: Color-Saturated Oil Landscape Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Living in beautiful Bucharest, Romania hasn’t stopped oil painter George Budai from traveling the world in search of equally captivating landscapes and city scenes.

Throughout his travels, George has worked in settings both majestic and modest, primarily using water mixable oil colors. He states that he’s seen a positive change in himself over the last 10 years spent painting, and hopes that his artwork will bring the same happiness to those who view it.

You’ll get a sense of George’s signature style in this first piece, titled Grand Canal Venice – Italy. With a palette of soft, romantic colors like blush, violet and amber, it seems to come straight from a dream.

Grand Canal Venice - Italy, final version Oil on canvas 40 x 50 cm - by George - April 2012 (2)

And although the colors are light and dreamlike, the architecture is anything but.

Bold Venetian Gothic buildings stand tall and stubborn on either side of a canal attempting to pull them down into its depths, while a lone gondolier quietly and observantly navigates between striped poles, storied buildings and classic statues.

Breathtaking in beauty and rich with antiquity, this painting reveals Venice truly as a place where dreams—and memories of Venice’s past—come to life.

My fascination with this next painting, entitled Moeciu Landscape, Romanian Carpatians began with the hypnotizing, gentle winding of foothills and mountains creating deep ravines within the earth. Early settlers must have found it equally magical, choosing to build houses and roads that twisted alongside the lulling slopes.

Moeciu landscape - Romanian Carpatians - final version - September 2012 - by George

Sunlight glints off rolling hills as purple shadows cloak distant mountains with their cool touch. Time seems to stop as I take in the vast space displayed as rugged peaks fade and atmosphere takes over.

Lastly, Scotney Castle is one of George’s newest creations, showing his playful character and ever-evolving style in the striking use of brilliant, bold colors.

Scotney Castle - season change from summer to fall Oil on canvas 40 x 50 cm, by George, Oct 2012

Glassy water looks as smooth as the ice it will soon become, and it’s clear that winter is nearing. The trees, however, are still vibrant in their rustic colors, refusing to lose their leaves, even as chilly gusts of wind tumultuously toss and turn even the largest clouds in the sky.

In the middle of all that color, a brick cottage stands warm and sturdy, ready to battle another frigid season. Inside the cottage, people are surely keeping warm with puzzles, tea and movies, ready to run outside once the water has fully frozen over to partake in a wonderful time ice skating.

Don’t miss your chance to view more of George’s work—take a few moments today to viit his website and browse through the rest of his colorful oil paintings.


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