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Matteo Grilli: Capturing Wildlife’s Fleeting Wonders in Watercolor

A deep-rooted passion for animals, art and nature fuels Matteo Grilli’s fire for painting and exploration, inspiring him to travel the world in search of abundant wildlife.

Although originally from Italy, this watercolor painter currently resides in Brisbane, Australia, and hopes his artwork will spark the discovery, enjoyment, understanding and care of nature, which he feels is fleeting in essence.

“What makes birds and other animals inspiring to me is their sheer and inaccessible beauty,” Matteo says, and I couldn’t agree more.

The angles at which Matteo arranged these ruby-chested king parrots as they perch atop their respective tree branches shows their inquisitive and friendly demeanor, and suggests a carefree running dialogue between the two.


The birds’ bodies are open, pointing toward me and subtly inviting me to closely investigate the painting. The painting itself is delicate, soft and unassuming—much like the wildlife itself.

Matteo often makes his scenes come alive by allowing leaves, branches, or other objects break free of his initial border, as seen below.


I was also curious as to what attracted the bird’s attention. . . so I found my eyes wandering to the left until Matteo’s dynamic composition brought me back to his chosen focal point—a beautiful, yet timid bird with a bright red head stripe, and black, white, and orange patterning.

In this final watercolor, the vivid blue sky and bright white sunlight beckoning and twinkling through the treetops accentuates each bird’s coloring and build.


You can tell by the extensive details of these birds in their natural habitats that Matteo is enamored by their lovely characteristics and the unrestricted life they represent. Through his paintings I catch an inkling of the grace and quiet dominance that these animals embrace the wild environment in which they live.

I hope you’ll take a moment today to visit Matteo’s art blog, which combines journaling, photographs, life drawings, written notes, videos, and even feathers and leaves to let us truly understand the fleeting beauty of the world around us.

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