Susan Abbott: Watercolor Paintings that “Pop” With Color and Detail

Published May 25th 2010

Vermont artist, Susan Abbott has a knack for creating bright, highly detailed, watercolor paintings. With degrees in painting and printmaking, Susan has been a professional artist since college and held exhibitions in galleries across the country.

Susan’s extraordinary landscapes are what initially attracted me to her work. . . the painting below, for example, is clean, simple, and most importantly, colorful.


I absolutely love her fresh perspective, focusing on the roofs, rather than whole houses. Topping everything off is a clear blue sky that pushes your attention towards the detail found in the rooflines, windows, and power lines.

As I delved deeper into Susan’s painting collection I was pleasantly surprised to find her stunning still lifes as well. As you’ll see, these are not traditional side view of objects, but views from above.

Using constant injections of eye-popping color, Susan incorporates exquisite details of flowers, candy, patterns, and fabric in the painting below. Though the flower bouquet is the focal point, her unique perspective makes it impossible not to have wandering eyes. In a way, the overhead viewpoint is what allows one to “read” her paintings by jumping seamlessly from one object to the next.


Susan’s still life compositions are beautifully arranged. She carefully mixes large items with small in order to give your eye a place to rest. This technique allows a large amount of detail, while not overwhelming the viewer. You can’t help but start to wonder about the meaning of these objects, and if they were chosen to tell a story.


I invite you to view more of Susan Abbott’s beautifully detailed, eye-popping watercolor images at her website or daily blog.

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