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Monday in General Art Advice – A few days ago I spoke with an EmptyEasel reader and was reminded of a good marketing technique for artists who create theme-specific artwork (obvious examples would be pet portraits, lighthouses, firefighting art, etc).

Tomorrow I’ll let you know what that technique is and give some additional ideas on how to make it work for you, no matter what niche your artwork is in.

Tuesday in Selling Art Online – I’ve also been getting a fair number of emails asking if I’d consider reviewing Etsy as a place to sell art online—so this week I’m going to dive in and see how far I get. Stay tuned for that review on Tuesday.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – If you’re a fan of realism, then you won’t want to miss this Wednesday’s article on Lois Eakin—a contemporary artist who creates richly-detailed still life paintings, much like the old Dutch masters.

Thursday in General Art Advice – I’ll be publishing a short article sent in by Terri at PopArtDiva.com which offers advice on what to do if your artwork gets stolen. If you have first-hand experience with that yourself, feel free to write in between now and Thursday and I’ll include your suggestions as well.

(If you’d like to send in a different article to be published, here’s how.)

Friday in Artist Polls – Looking ahead, how important do you think the internet will be to you, as an artist, 10 years from now?

Do you think you’ll sell all your art online, or none? Will you use it to network with other artists more than you do now, or less? Click here to vote.

And here are last week’s articles one more time:

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Monday in General Art Advice: Here’s a question for you—does your art fulfill a current need, or create a new one? That idea of "fulfilling needs" is straight from the business world, and yet I think it can be applied to art as well. I’ll explain more of my thoughts on that. . . read more

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