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Monday in Selling Art Online – Are you a Facebook user? If so, you may have already heard a little bit about Facebook ads and how they’re different from “traditional” web advertising. Tomorrow I’ll explain why Facebook may be a decent option for artists who want to spend a little money advertising their art.

Tuesday in Art Websites – After publishing my review of MyArtInfo last week, I received a question via email about TalentDatabase.com, another social network for artists. I don’t know for sure yet, but I think I like it a little better. . . Check back in to read more about TalentDatabase on Tuesday.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – This week I’ll be showing several striking portraits by Alex Garcia, an egg tempera artist from San Antonio, Texas.

Thursday in Painting Tutorials – David Patterson recently sent me an interesting article about a pastel workshop he attended, including a few of the techniques that were taught. If you like pastels, you won’t want to miss it.

Friday in Art Opinion – Where do you sell most of your art? Is it through one of the many online art websites available, your own website, or a traditional art gallery? That’s the subject of this week’s poll, so please take a minute to vote and tell your friends. On Friday I’ll reveal the results.

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And if you missed them, here are last week’s articles:

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The Best Places to Buy Art Supplies (According to Other Artists)

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Monday in Selling Art Online - Last week I wrote about how to target potential art buyers through Facebook’s new advertising system. Tomorrow I’ll go one step further and talk about how to create compelling Facebook ads (ones that get clicked on, in other words) and how to avoid paying too much for. . . read more

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