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Linda Apple’s Daily Paintings: Small Snapshots of Life

Today’s featured artist is Linda Apple, a daily painter from Ohio whose most recent paintings are a collection of quick, almost snapshot scenes from her daily life—usually of people wrapped up in their own world.

There’s a lot to like in these little paintings, but I especially enjoyed seeing people be completely captivated by art in Linda’s scenes from the art museum.

Seeing the Details by Linda Apple

In Seeing the Details, above, it’s not just the tilt of the head, but the entire angle of the figure which makes this painting pop.

Plus, I love the physical space that Linda created by just using the architectural details of the wall and floor.

This next piece, Daydreaming, shows the value of finding a good coffee shop to sketch, photograph, or even paint in.

Daydreaming by Linda Apple

After all, why pay for a model to sit, when you can go find people sitting already? : ) And like the first painting, notice how the figure’s pose—the relaxed shoulders and crossed legs—sets the energy level of the entire piece.

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It’s tricky enough to make art look realistic in just the physical details, let alone the intangibles, too—yet that’s exactly what Linda does in these paintings.

Viewing Somali by Linda Apple

They’re real people just being people—standing, walking, sitting. . . living. And that’s what makes them so fascinating.

For more of Linda Apple’s paintings, including some older still life works, check out her daily painting blog at LindaApple.blogspot.com.

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