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Monday – One of the easiest ways to develop interest in your art is by sending out an email newsletter to fans, friends, and potential buyers. Tomorrow I’ll share some important tips I’ve learned from creating my own e-newsletter and explain how you can build a large list of email addresses without spamming or annoying anyone.

Tuesday – For those of you following my SEO for Artists series, get ready—there’s a fifth installment coming up! On Tuesday I’ll share yet another powerful technique for bringing more traffic to your art blog or portfolio. It’s one that you really shouldn’t miss.

Wednesday – This week’s featured artist works in pastels, but you’ll have to check back in on Wednesday to find out more (and to see some great pastel paintings, of course!) You can also submit your own artwork to be featured on EE right here.

Thursday – If you like strange art, you’ll definitely enjoy Thursday’s article on Dadaism. I guess you could say that Dada was an art movement which didn’t quite follow the rules. . . but that’s a pretty big understatement. Read all about it, Thursday.

Friday – And check back in at the end of the week to learn how Carol Nelson adds incredible texture to her acrylic paintings. She’s written a full article detailing her process and I know you’ll all enjoy it.

Remember, if you’d like to share an art technique or method YOU use, feel free to write out a description and send it in. Not only will your article help inspire other artists, but I’ll credit you as the author and link twice to your own art blog or website.

Need to catch up? Here’s last week’s articles:

Dreamlike Paintings by Massachusetts Artist, Tina Sotis

Fields, Farmlands, and Barns: Landscape Paintings by Michael Defrancesco

Janet Vanderhoof: Painter and Colorist

Reverse Acrylic Paintings by Canadian Artist Jeanette Jarville

Oil Paintings with Texture by Colorado Artist Louis Dilts

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Monday in Art Opinion - Over the past few weeks several sources have contacted me about a new website for fine artists. Unfortunately, what I’ve been hearing so far is NOT good. On Monday I’ll give you the name of the site and why you might want to avoid it. Tuesday in . . . read more

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