Johan P. Jonsson: Stunning Sculptures in Found Metal & Mixed-media

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Swedish artist Johan P. Jonsson’s work is starkly vulnerable, and incredibly compelling. Known for his creative re-purposing of rusty metal, old wood, wire, leather, and other discarded objects into figurative sculptures, Johan’s art certainly transcends its humble beginnings.

I’d even say that the process of forming something of haunting beauty from cast-off pieces helps to create such humanistic, and (ultimately) highly empathetic works.

Family 6 (40x56x10 cm)

“I like putting things together; ugly things, broken, things that don’t fit,” Johan explains. And he prefers terms like “art brut” or “outsider art” when it comes to classifying his finished work.

I have to agree. Despite all the flaws inherent in his medium, the final product is always exquisite. And like us, his works of art are formed from imperfect materials.

Chain (21x52x8 cm)

Johan also looks for ways to bring together items used in agriculture, farming, and forestry with more urban byproducts such as plastic, rubber, and silicon found in home products and toys.

Mixing and matching these elements often combines a bit of chance, until the right balance, that push and pull of contrast, color, line, texture is discovered which reveals the person (or people) within.

Love (19x37x32 cm)

Incredible, isn’t it?

If you’d like to see more of Johan’s work—and I hope you do—please take just a few minutes view his entire portfolio of found metal sculptures at


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