Turning Toxic Sludge Into Fine Art Pigments – A Unique Way to Clean Up Our Polluted Rivers

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A small group of artists and activists in Ohio is working on cleaning up pollution that seeps into rivers and waterways from abandoned coal mines. And guess what? They found an incredible way to do it!

Their solution is to extract the harmful metals (iron oxide) from polluted streams and turn that pollution into gorgeous non-toxic pigments and paints to be used by artists around the world. The clean and safe water is then returned to its natural course, where it can nourish the land as it was always intended to.


According to their Kickstarter page, Gamblin Artist Colors will be making a limited edition run of 37ml tubes of paint, using their pigment – which is pretty amazing in and of itself. But what’s even more amazing is that YOU can get some of this paint for yourself (and help support their cause!)

Here’s how it works:

Right now, a pilot program has been started near one abandoned coal mine, to prove the effectiveness of their methods on a large scale.

If you contribute to the Toxic Art Kickstarter project, not only will you help fund an art wall to beautify that space, but with a $100 pledge (the Burgundy Pledge) you can also receive pigments and paint from this project to create your own artwork!


Not only that, but the artwork you create using that pigment will be featured in an online art gallery alongside other artwork made using this special paint.

Sounds pretty good, right?? :)

So far they’ve raised more than two-thirds of their $30,000 goal, and there’s still 20 days to go (I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon!) If you want to be involved, head over now and make your contribution!


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