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A New Dictionary of Art – The Perfect Book for Art Lovers Everywhere!

What is art?

That’s the question artist Robert Good and designer Jane Glennie have been asking for years—3 years, to be exact—while they painstakingly compiled answers from every corner of the internet into a never-before-published book titled A New Dictionary of Art.


In order to get this book to print, they launched an IndieGoGo project and are offering copies of the book (paperbacks, eBooks, and hardbacks, as well as signed copies) as rewards for helping them fund their book launch.

What I find absolutely incredible about this project is that A New Dictionary of Art is laid out like any other dictionary, with an introduction, a forward, a list of abbreviations used, and a pronunciation guide, but with one, huge difference: it only defines one word—art! Over 3500 times!


As described on their IndieGoGo page, “Every conceivable opinion is here, lovingly edited and meticulously annotated to the point of absurdity, creating a wonderfully energising summation of all the potentials that Art can be.”

This book will clearly make an amazing conversation starter in any living room, art studio, or classroom, but it’s more than that. . . it’s also a work of art in and of itself, crafted with love by two artists, and worth collecting entirely on its own merits.

If you’d like to get your own copy of A New Dictionary of Art, don’t wait! Head on over to its IndieGoGo page and help contribute to the printing process today!

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