Using our Artistic Gifts in Troubling Times

By Phawnda Moore in Art Business Advice > Motivation

Current events seem to be on overload: earthquakes, hurricanes, fires and health problems, to name a few.

I’m guessing we’re all feeling a little overwhelmed and maybe somewhat helpless as we read the news—day after day.

After we donate money, express our opinions on Facebook and lament with friends, in private moments we still wonder if it will all be OK someday. We wonder how our family and friends across the country will rebuild, heal, and carry on. So many lives are affected, so much needs to be done. How do we go forward?

Let’s remember that we can offer encouragement to each other in a unique way, with our art. Someone once said, “People only know what you tell them.” This is true of relationships across the board and around the world. There are doubts and fears that art can calm.

So what, specifically, can we do?


I have one solution, and I hope some of you will join me—send handmade cards!

This is one of my favorite ways to to reach out and encourage those who could use a positive word.


The card above went to a dear musician friend who had recent surgery. I hope when it arrives, he’ll be encouraged and know healing in a new way!

Whatever your artistic skills, check out some of the recent publications here on Empty Easel and try something new! Don’t forget to coordinate the envelope.


I invite you to try a new art skill this week and send it to someone who might need it. Your own spirit will be filled as you do!


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