Quick to Make, Easy to Display: Introducing OpenBox Foldable Art

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Have you ever wished it was just a little bit easier to hang your artwork? Framing, matting, measure, hammering. . . it’s too much!

Luckily, there’s a great little product on IndieGoGo that solves all that: OpenBox.


OpenBox is simple and practical—and it’s great for both kids and adults (in fact, OpenBox might just be the perfect summer craft project!)

OK, so what is OpenBox?

OpenBox is simply a sheet of high-quality drawing paper, pre-folded and perforated so that once you’re finished drawing on the front, you can easily fold the edges back and around, and create a super-lightweight “gallery wrapped” box to hang on the wall.

Pictures are worth a thousand words:


See how sharp that looks? You’d never guess it’s just regular drawing paper, but in fact, it is!

OpenBox was successfully funded on IndieGoGo a few years back, but they’re still offering their product for sale, so it’s a great buy if you’re looking for some fun, new ways to create and display your art.

I could see OpenBox being used for a “Wine and Painting” night, or kid’s craft corner, or even drawing/painting on location, perhaps in a coffee shop or cafe.

The possibilities are endless. :)

To grab a few of these for yourself or a friend (and by the way, it comes in packages of 10 sheets for $39 plus shipping) just head over to their IndieGoGo page.



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