Serene Waterways and Peaceful Landscape Paintings by Norma Torti

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New Hampshire-based artist Norma Torti’s landscape paintings are a study in peaceful compositions and soothing colors. Each painting below showcases her state’s gorgeous scenery with subtle care. . . take a look, and enjoy!

Entitled Marsh House, this first painting depicts a small cottage nestled in the woods near a quiet waterway. Tree boughs wave gently in the breeze, casting dark green shadows on the marshy pond below, while slow ripples reflect the blue sky further in.


Just looking into this landscape brings to mind warm summer days and slow-moving water, set to the soft tune of whispering cattails on every side.

The theme continues in Low Tide, where we can see a muddy sandbar emerging from either shoreline. In fact, the faintest shimmer of reflective golden light on the surface of the water hints at how shallow it really is. . .


Even closer in, bare inches of water can be seen atop silt and sand, which to me is incredibly impressive. Norma’s ability to capture specific depths of water through paint is nothing short of astounding, and she puts that skill to excellent use in many of her paintings.

Finally, in Odiorne Marsh, another idyllic New Hampshire landscape perfectly melds water, trees, grass, and sky.


Brief touches of orange and a diverse palette of greens (from light citrus-green to deep olive green) create a tapestry of plant life and foliage for a truly one-of-a-kind original landscape painting.

If you’d like to see more of Norma Torti’s work, including her equally-impressive collection of floral pieces and still life paintings, please make sure to click through and visit her website at


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