Sandra Busby: Realistic Still Life Paintings with a Touch of Humor

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Sandra Busby’s gorgeous still life paintings are clearly the product of careful planning and attention to detail—but as I looked deeper into her portfolio, I was pleased to find equal amounts of wit and humor that I enjoyed right along with her paintings.

Take this first painting for example. A still life can be of many things: food, flowers, random objects, dishes. . . but why not create a story out of it?


Sandra’s done something here (with a very simple, clean, and engaging composition) that takes her painting to another level. That smudge of lipstick on the teacup adds the perfect amount of humanity to the painting, and the title—Evidence—lets our minds fill in the rest.

Next up, in One for the Road, Sandra pokes subtle fun at a common saying with a multitude of bottle caps. At the same time, her bold color color palette of red, blue, white, tan make for an engaging and dynamic painting.


The letters and logos in this piece are done so well that you really don’t think about it, but you should! When you take into account the small size of this painting (10″x12″) it’s a bit mind-blowing to realize just how much work it took to complete those fine details.

Lastly, in what may be her most whimsical piece to-date, Sandra’s Fish Out of Water is hands-down my favorite.


With just a scattering of bubbles (devilishly hard to paint, I’m sure) and a lone goldfish, Sandra has giving us a purely visual vacation from our day-to-day lives. This isn’t a typical still life, or animal portrait, or koi pond painting. . . it’s something else entirely, created for sheer enjoyment of the viewer. I absolutely love it. :)

To see more paintings by Sandra, click on over to her website and just browse! There are so many more pieces to see. . . and every single one is worth your time.


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