Jennifer Kahn Barlow: Oil Paintings You Could (Almost) Eat!

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Looking for a delicious visual experience? If so, then Jennifer Kahn Barlow’s gorgeous oil paintings of sumptuous desserts, decadent donuts, and dazzling chocalates are the perfect treat!

Let’s jump right in with a look at an incredibly stylish (and so tasty looking) selection of macaroons, in all the colors of the rainbow:


Jennifer has done quite a few of these type of macaroon paintings (this one is entitled Macaroon 6) and what I really enjoy about it is the drama. . . you can see in the lighting, the height of the canvas, and that dark, contrasty background.

I always like to see clear objects handled well, too, and Jennifer has definitely made that bag look as high-end and luxurious as I’m sure it is in real life. In my mind, it’s the unsung hero of this painting.

Up next, From Sweet to Savory showcases a smorgasbord of good eats—from a variety of cheeses and sweets to two types of jelly and a fresh-baked loaf of bread.


There’s clearly a full story spread out behind the food, if you take the time to peruse the background, which Jennifer has painted in full detail as well. (Go on, explore it a bit. . . there are some interesting oddities, for a place of fine dining!)

And lastly, before you start thinking that Jennifer only paints dessert, trust me, her other subjects are just as delectable. In Summer’s Bounty, Jennifer takes radishes, carrots, and assorted greenery and turns them into a stunning bouquet of organic, healthy goodness.


Seriously, when you can make veggies look as mouth-watering as cookies, you’ve got a real talent! And I love the composition – those red and orange vegetables, angled against a dark bed of greens, pull your eyes right to the center.

If you’ve enjoyed these paintings, you’ll definitely want to see the rest of Jennifer’s work on her website. Head on over today, but be warned. . . you will leave hungry!


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