Herbert Kiesler: Picturesque Oil Landscapes

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Trust an amazing artist to always be striving. . . that’s Herbert Kiesler for you. This talented oil painter from Hamburg, Germany, made the United States his home to further his education, and did so at not one, but two schools! He attended the Corcoran School of Fine Arts in Washington, DC as well as the University of Maryland, and has also studied under several private master artists.

Dabbling in a variety of mediums and materials, Herb is still looking to find his niche in his retirement, but we think he already did—and it’s definitely in oils!

By the Gravel Road, seen below, is where I want to be right now. Herb perfectly captures the beauty and serenity of this gorgeous spot in the middle of nowhere.


Slender pine trees yearn for the sky, hunkered down between dusty, rocky terrain that couldn’t stop colorful wildflowers from taking root and sprinkling the countryside with their cheerfulness.

And those lavender-shadowed mountains in the distance. . . well, they create another interesting layer to the painting’s ruggedness that no fence—not even a charmingly rickety fence—can contain.

With At the Nursery, spring has almost sprung, and that brings exciting times for everyone! Can you feel the humidity hit you as you find yourself nose deep in the floral fragrance that permeates these plastic walls?


Green foliage and dazzling pink and white flowers are all in their own private heaven. Rows of blossoms and blooms beg to be picked, each standing taller and more alertly than the next as they bask in the warmth of the greenhouse.

Any gardener would surely delight in this painting, which so truly represents the happiness and hope of planning a magnificent future garden.

And lastly, in this oil painting entitled Great Falls, I dare say Herb was able to accurately reveal what a “babbling brook” would sound like. . . without using any sounds at all!


Water rushes around huge boulders beneath an overcast sky, its jewel-toned depths splashing up around the rocks, giving nice drinks to the trees and brush rooted loosely in between.

In the distance, a forest of trees indicates autumn is coming, and when it does, this water will turn icy cold as it careens forward on its journey toward the falls.

Herb shares his website with his equally talented wife, Dora, who also paints in oils. Check out their website today to learn more about this dynamic duo and see the rest of their art!


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