Stickybones: Now You Can Sketch Realistic Figure Poses Without a Model

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You ever notice how the best products for artists are almost always made by other artists? How many times have you needed something in the studio and said, “Why can’t someone just invent ____________? I’d use it!”

Well, Stickybones fits that scenario exactly.


Stickybones is a small, posable figure that looks incredibly lifelike in about a zillion different poses. It was created by Erik and Lauren Baker (both feature film animators) to meet the needs of artists and animators looking for a quick, simple reference of the human figure in a specific pose.

Currently Stickybones is being crowdfunded on There’s no need to worry about it not being produced, either—at the moment, they’ve already surpassed their $85,000 goal (easily!) and have just broken the $200,000 mark.

So, don’t worry—it’s going to be funded! The question is, do you want one?


Unlike the typical artist mannequin, this figure holds the position you put it in, so you can pose it extending into a leap, curled up on its side, standing on its head (yep, it’s possible!) and pretty much any other way you’d like.

Magnets in its hands and feet allow it to stand on its own, and its highly-engineered joints are what keep it from shifting around after you pose it.

I see so much value in this product, and I’m betting if you’re an illustrator, painter or sculptor you’ve already got some ideas in your head, too.


If you’d like to help fund this project (and get a Stickybones for yourself) you still can! Right now, $79 will get you one of your own, and $88 will get you a Stickybones plus a compact pose plate to hold it.

Just head over to their IndieGoGo page before March 4th, 2016 donate for one of your own. (And while you’re there, watch the video. . . it’s awesome!)


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