Alexis Guthrie: Texture-filled Abstract Paintings of Joy

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Dedication: Alexis Guthrie has it in spades. Early in his career he drove from city to city, sleeping in his car so he could visit a new gallery each morning as he worked to make a name for himself and find a home for his organic, texture-heavy pieces.

Rejections didn’t slow him down—not at all. Now with collectors in several countries around the world, Alexis paints abstracts full of happiness and beauty, aiming to convey feelings of joy and wonder, and promote a more harmonious, playful way of life.

All of that is clearly seen in this first painting, entitled Didgeridoo. A didgeridoo (if you’re not familiar with the word) is a wind instrument used by Australians for the last 1,500 years—and when I look at this painting, I can see varying sizes of teal and yellow vertical stripes that flow up and down like a soft melody.


The colors are as unadulterated as a breath of fresh air. . . it’s how I imagine the didgeridoo would sound if you could put its intonation to paper. And, my absolute favorite part of this painting are the bits of bright blue peeking out from behind layers of teal, russet and black—a pleasant surprise that adds even more ebb and flow to the painting’s rhythm.

Next, Field Moon depicts a brilliant harvest moon, taking over the sky and flooding the scene with luminous rays. No matter where you are, you can’t help but feel a sense of awe at the enormity of this glowing force of nature.


Through a teal-framed window, the moon is distorted into a translucent oval shining steadily into the starry night. Far, far below, illuminated by its light, crisp, orange leaves dangle along scraggly branches and overlap its radiant celestial form.

Finally, intricate etchings create larger than life texture in The Burning Waters. Similar to a raging fire, the bold oranges and yellows in Alexis’ painting threaten to furiously engulf the entire piece. . . but, just like waves in the ocean, a rush of blue pushes the flames back with a wash of coolness.


It doesn’t appear to be enough, as the heat of the fire ensnares everything it touches, turning anything in its path into the most beautifully charred purple I have ever seen. I find the play of colors all together quite enticing. . . it’s a painting full of audacity and energy, ying and yang.

If you’re anything like me, by now you’re sold on Alexis’ work and the emotions of peace, happiness and love that it represents. So why not visit his website and explore more of his work to keep those feelings alive? Or, even better, purchase one or two of his affordable giclee prints for yourself. Head on over and take a look today!


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