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I’d like to nominate Jane Sither as one of my art heroes. I have know Jane for about seven years. She has taken several workshops with me over the years, and attended a mentoring class in Maine this past summer.

Jane works in an office, but has a passion for art that keeps her painting behind the easel whenever she can. She also has a passion for living life and a ready smile for everyone. She loves dogs, horses, the ocean, birds and nature and her paintings portray the things she loves most.


Over the years her work has become solid, with brushstrokes that convey her personality and the excitement she feels about what she paints. Her dedication to painting, her strive for excellence and her persistence for accomplishment are admirable.

Jane is deaf since birth, but she does not believe she is handicapped. She just has to work harder than the rest of us, and she does. She plans on retiring in a couple of years to devote all of her time to painting. She does not have a website yet, but her facebook page is here.

When I said it must have been hard for her growing up with brothers who could hear, she simply said, “I can see.” Self pity is not in her vocabulary. She strives to do the very best she can, in everything she does. She is kind to others, thoughtful and generous, and always has a beautiful smile.

Special thanks to Mary Erickson for this nomination. Please check out the links to both artists, and stay tuned for more information next week!

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