Jane Cooper: Dreamy, Rainy-day Oil Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Imagine walking along a dew-soaked coastline, where raindrops and ocean waters continually catch the light, bouncing shimmering rays around you in every direction. . . that’s just a taste of Jane Cooper’s impressionistic oil paintings, which feature magical cityscapes and landscapes detailing the harmony between man, nature and city.

A self-taught painter originally from Surrey, England, Jane now lives in the province of Tarragona in Spain. She paints almost every day, and often finds herself studying the water and the sky with their many changing colors and hypnotizing movement.

In St. Paul’s, below, the ultimate walkway provides scenic trees to one side and a charming city to the other. A woman holds a vivid red umbrella out to block herself from wind and water as her coattails flaps in the breeze.


Her umbrella provides the obvious focal point to the scene, which strikes a blance between soft greys and silvers and tawny browns and beiges. Through the mist, you can make out a few architectural details of the city beneath low-hanging storm clouds. Luckily, a trail of lampposts brightens the way for anyone caught outdoors.

In Quiet at the Lake, it’s a crisp, clear day as trees reflect luminously in the still water. With each flickering leaf that dances in the gentle wind, the trees change colors between yellow and green.


Dotting the lakeside, those same leaves contrast beautifully with a cloudless sky and dark blue shadows resting atop the water’s edge. Boulders in the forefront and coppery shrubbery to the left of the scene provides a pop of warmth to the otherwise cool scene.

Lastly, streets are empty and not a soul is in sight in Sleeping City.


Nestled beneath blankets or enjoying a warm, cozy fire, folks trade in a day in the city for movies and hot tea as the rain comes down in sheets, bathing the street in a reflective sheen and turning buildings into nothing but dark shadows of their former selves.

The sky, a mosaic of blue and yellow in the distance, offers hope of sunshine and clear skies after a long morning shower. But, amid the flooded streets and sodden sidewalks are also canceled plans with the thought that there’s always tomorrow to run errands and complete work.

To learn more about how Jane creates her lovely pieces, and to see the rest of her artwork, please visit her website today.


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