Jethro Knight: Impressionistic Plein Air Landscapes in Oil

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Palette knife and small pochade box in hand, Jethro Knight heads to the great outdoors to paint en plein air. His impressionistic, unhurried work is a tribute to the soothing, peaceful moments found amidst the trees and flowing rivers, allowing the viewer to take what they want from the scene, explore it on their own time, and create unique impressions and feel-good moments.

In Aegean Bay, below, crystalline waters lap gently against a rocky bank under hazy, low-hanging clouds—a sure sign that the heat of the sun is strongly bearing down.


With his palette knife, Jethro dabs a taupe-white hue on the rocks surrounding the bay and along the small peaks of waves breaking against the shore to develop glary reflections. Exploration of these wild islands would be sure to turn into a day-long adventure amid the secluded hills, coastal caves and woodlands.

And can’t you just imagine the intoxicating fragrance wafting through the breeze while walking the lavender fields in Lavender Harvest?


Although Jethro claims the scene was anything but peaceful as thousands of bees buzzed along in rhythm to visitors’ bustling footsteps, here, in this painting, it’s as if the viewer has the fields all to his or herself.

To walk along the plush green grass amid rows of lavender would be luxuriously calming on this cloud-filled day. I can almost feel the silken petals of the lavender, the sharp itch of grass against my calves and the warm breeze as it caresses the flowers and my hair.

Lastly, what you can see for miles will astound you in Leith Hill View.

“Leith Hill, at 294-meter elevation, is the highest point in the generally flat county of Surrey,” said Jethro. “You can see for miles from the top, and you do get an incredible feeling of space and distance.”


Jethro creates an incredibly textured portrayal of a hill thick with brush and trees, and a view that goes forever. Here, atop it all, the sky is the limit, and the only thing holding you back is a lack of wings.

Luckily, at this spot, imaginations and daydreams run wild amid the open, grassy fields. Here, the world is at your feet. Here, anything is possible.

Jethro’s got six more pages of gorgeous landscapes for you to peruse on his website, as well as a blog where he posts more details. See the world through new eyes, and explore his website now.


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