A Chance at Glass: Helping Underserved Youth in LA

By Lisa Orgler in Art Business Advice > Motivation

“Culture and the arts are essential means by which all people explain their experience, shape their identity and imagine the future. People need the arts to make sense of their lives, to know who they are.”

These words were thoughtfully written by Holly Sidford, and they perfectly describe an amazing proposed project on Kickstarter titled, A Chance at Glass.

A Chance at Glass focuses on providing underserved youth in Los Angeles the opportunity to learn the art of glassblowing. This medium not only allows creativity, but also teaches life lessons such as teamwork, accountability, responsibility, patience, timeliness and communication skills.


Even more importantly, for youth that face poverty and violence each day,“it serves as a positive influence that gets them off the streets and working towards something constructive that can change their lives.”

A Chance at Glass was started by Jaime Guerrero, a successful glass artist whose passion for this project stems from his own youth and experiences in an underserved community. After four years of instructing at-risk youth in South Los Angeles, Guerrero has “witnessed first-hand the positive impact glass art has on their lives” and wants to continue that any way he can.


As you might have guessed, glassblowing costs more than the typical art project. However, Guerrero would like to change that, at least for the youth in his area.

“Not only do these kids deserve the chances that others have but the glass world needs the diversity, enthusiasm and creativity that these youth offer,” he says.

Guerrero’s goal is to open a small glassblowing workshop within his existing studio. The space already exists, so the initial funding of $18,000 will focus primarily on getting glassblowing equipment for that location.

Once the studio is furnished, he would like to offer free glassblowing workshops to youth in the local community. If the initial $18,000 is surpassed, additional funds will go towards two years of operating costs.


If you would like to support this inspiring project, please visit A Chance at Glass on Kickstarter before Wednesday, September 16, 2015 and make your donation.


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