Welcome to the “Art Class Revolution!”

By Lisa Orgler in Art Business Advice > Motivation

How often are aspiring artists told that they will neither find a job nor be talented enough to make art a career? And yet art surrounds us through product design, architecture, advertising, home décor, clothing, digital media, and so much more!

Aspiring artists simply need the proper encouragement and education to find their appropriate career path, beginning with Art Class Revolution, a Kickstarter project that is raising funds for an online art education training program called ArtSquish.


ArtSquish is a valuable web resource for all art educators, including K-12 teachers and homeschool parents, and is composed of two sections: a free blog filled with art teaching tips, and the core subscriber section containing weekly lessons, a teaching system, and classroom how-to articles.

The goal is to help eliminate some of the frustrations art educators face. Sure, there are many websites that share art lessons, but not necessarily in order, or in a way that makes it easy to teach those lessons to others (especially kids).

ArtSquish does the research, prepares the materials list, and gives information so that the teacher can spend time teaching instead. Most importantly, ArtSquish provides a place for support articles and dialogue so teachers can help each other.


Dennas Davis is the brainchild behind ArtSquish and is an accomplished artist himself. He has written numerous children’s books been commissioned by such companies as Disney, Neiman Marcus and Betty Crocker. He also founded Firstlight Arts Academy in 2006 which serves hundreds of students ranging from age 4 through adults.

The Art Class Revolution project has a monetary goal of $6,500 and at this point has raised NEARLY all the money it needs! If you’d like to ensure that this project becomes a reality, please visit their Kickstarter page prior to Saturday, August 8, 2015 and make your donation.


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