Diana Gamerman: Bright, Impressionistic Oil Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Virginia resident Diana Gamerman creates quirky, color-filled oil paintings which bring to life cityscapes and landscapes across the U.S.

Diana received her Master of Arts from Wayne State University in Detroit, Mich and has studied and exhibited at various art museums in Michigan, Texas, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. It’s no surprise then, that many of these beautiful locations have also found their way into her artwork.

Brilliant colors jump from the canvas in Frederick, MD Farm (seen below) including vivid blues glinting off the highway as passing clouds cast cornflower-blue shadows upon the pavement.


The wavy cropland and meandering highway tell a laidback story of summer days and cross-country travel. Power lines traverse the painting, creating depth as they trail off the right side of the canvas, leading the eye toward a single car moving down the lonesome road.

Another of Diana’s all-american paintings, entitled Under the Key Bridge, features healthy foliage over an arched, brick tunnel that forms a living canopy through which bikers race.


Sunlit trees, gorgeous wooden beams securing the bridge, and dappled pavement leading up to the roadside cabin create varying textures and complementary colors that draw the scene together from every angle, with detail enough to tell a fascinating story of the day’s events.

Last on our list for today, what I find most fascinating in Washington, DC Skyline are the vertical lines depicting an imminent rainstorm.


Diana’s downward slanting clouds appear fiercely painted, and where they trail off, my eyes automatically expect to see raindrops follow. Autumn-hued trees sway in the strong breeze as the sky threatens to open up at any second.

This painting provides the perfect contrast between countryside and the bustling city. The Washington Monument, the Capitol building, and the Statue of Freedom which rests atop it, tell a history of the city from a perspective not many are privy to.

Diana also has a small portfolio with equally expressive watercolor landscapes, which are definitely worth seeing—visit her website today and take a look!


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