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Veronica Winters: Imaginative Realism in Oil & Colored Pencil

When Veronica Winters immigrated to the U.S. from Russia in 1997, she knew it was the only way she could fully explore her artistic abilities. After receiving her bachelors degree in fine art, she chose to pursue both colored pencils and oils, and now creates stunning imagery in both mediums.

Just take a look at these rich, layered paintings below:

With a dash of mystery, a sprinkle of old-world meets new-world glamour and a splash of the impossible, Travelers features two fabulously dressed women holding the key to the unknown.


The features in this oil painting are incredible—from the plush feathers to the ropes of pearls to the heavily-structured gowns and dainty lace hat, all details are carefully accounted for and give the painting amazing charisma.

Time traveling is quite possible for these two, who hold the world in their hands. With that in mind, the city in the background will soon be a distant memory. It’s a lovely surreal piece, and just one of Veronica’s many highly imaginative works.

In a manner slightly more realistic, yet no less colorful, Veronica skillfully creates a truly radiant glow spilling from the petals of a single rose in Yellow Rose.

Yellow Rose

Warmth and peace flow from the intricate inner workings of this delicate flower, where scalloped petals gracefully weave in and out as translucent lines travel up from the center of the blossom. Complimentary blues, pinks and purples create a cool contrast to the dazzling golden light at the center of the rose, making for an exceedingly rich three-dimensional image.

And last but not least, in Embrace, a painting shown below that I find both endearing and completely tranquil, a spindly starfish reaches out for a hug—painted in colors simply to die for.


That fading sun casts a magical sheen on everything it touches, while clouds block just enough light to help elevate the drama of the moment. What else can I say about the colors but that they work harmoniously with one another, building up the beauty of each individual hue. Oh how I wish I were there!

Veronica has also written many art books, and even has step-by-step demonstrations available on her website, along with a host of other compelling works. Take a minute to explore her website today!

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